Art Wright Workshops
Inspired employees transforming common areas into inviting spaces

About the Process

The unique process of ArtWright Workshops was developed by Vicki Junkwright

About the Process

Team building through creating is what happens in our workshops.  Our workshops engage employees in the art for your shared wall space.  This process encourages teamwork and ownership in your workspace.

Your company gets a new look from the artwork we produce while your employees take pride and ownership of their workspace.  We don't just make art, we create an experience that connects people.

Sketches by Vicki Junkwright

1. Conceptualize

After meeting with your employee group,  getting suggestions, and a establishing a theme, designs are sketched for approval and panels are prepared. The designs are created to have several panels to make one scene. This is where we develop the teambuilding experience.


2. Employee Workshops

This is the best part of the process! We lead "hands on" workshops at your company that involve your employees. No artistic skills are required from the employees. The employees are lead through the process with us, allowing them to create art that always produces fabulous artwork that will transform your space.

Fine tuning done in Vicki Junkwright's studio

3. Studio Work - fine tuning

After the "on site" workshops are completed, the studio fine-tuning starts. This is where the panels are cleaned again, touched up, and varnished to prepare for them to be displayed in your space.

4.  End Result

Once the panels have degased from the varnishing, they will be installed in your space as originally designed. Every time your employees walk by the artwork they will be reminded of the fun workshops and will love seeing their creations on the walls!