Art Wright Workshops
Inspired employees transforming common areas into inviting spaces

About the Workshops

Employee workshops created by Vicki Junkwright

About Employee Workshops

Employee workshops are the heart of our process!  These sessions are fun, high energy, and foster creativity and comradery between employees.  Because employees are taking an active role in the transformation of the space, there is a sense of ownership and pride when the end results are achieved.

Sketches by Vicki Junkwright

Step 1 - Designing the look

Once we have met with your employees to establish a concept and we have walked your spaces and understand your audience, we start our sketches.  These will be the designs we will follow when creating the panels that fit together on the specific walls.

STEP 2 - First Wash

Prepared aluminum panels  will be given a wash of color in the studio before the start of  the gluing workshops.


STEP 3 - First Layer Workshops

In our “on site” workshops, employees create with others working side by side on coordinating panels.  Together they glue leaves selected to match the sketches.  They have support from us as well as photo references to follow for the look of each panel.  The creativity comes in selecting and arranging the leaves that will make the scene.  Leaves are glued to protect the color beneath during the second wash of paint.

STEP 4 - Second Wash

Painting the panels in the studio, another layer of color is added over the leaves the employees glued.

Vicki Junkwright color washing panels in the studio


STEP 5 - More gluing workshops

Back on site, the employees come to workshops to continue the gluing process until enough leaves create the scene on the panels.  The process of washing with paint in the studio and gluing leaves in workshops continues until the scene is created.

STEP 6 - Stripping the leaves off

Several workshops are done for this process.  Employees work on stripping all the leaves off the panels to unveil the color below.  The employees love to see the artwork come alive!


Vicki Junkwright fine tuning panels in the studio

STEP 7 - Fine tuning the panels

This is done in the studio after all the workshops are completed.  We touch up the panels and get them ready for varnishing and hanging.